A Night In Prison: Fremantle Prison YHA | A Modern Backpacker Hostel In A Heritage Building

Fremantle Prison YHA, perth, australia

Would you willingly choose to spend a night in prison? It seems to have become a trend to convert former prisons into hotels or hostels. And Fremantle Prison YHA in Perth, Australia is one of them.

Opened to the public in March 2015, the World Heritage-listed building is now a top-notch backpackers hostel under YHA Australia, a youth hostelling association in Australia that is a member association of Hostelling International.

Back in October, I had the pleasure of experiencing what it’s like to be locked up in jail. We stayed in a Twin Cell and the price was pretty reasonable.

001(20)Walking to the hostel, you’ll see the Fremantle Prison first. You can take a tour of the prison. Or you can opt for the ghostly tour or torchlight tour that operates every Wednesday and Friday evening if you get a thrill from getting scared.

IMG_7894At the prison, take a left and the road will lead you to the hostel.

001(21) IMG_7800There’s an area for you to play volleyball and ping pong near the front courtyard.

IMG_7399IMG_7797This is the door to freedom! A key card is needed to enter so the hostel is quite secure.

IMG_7793This way leads to the outdoor area, the kitchen and the laundry room.

IMG_7428There’s even a giant chess board!

IMG_7794IMG_7798This is the luggage room where you can store, well, your luggage bags.

IMG_7420The dining area is connected to the kitchen and there’s even a pool table.


The kitchen is really quite spacious and you almost have everything you need to cook with, but you will need to buy your own ingredients of course.

There’s also a storage area (photo on left) and a refrigerator where you can store your ingredients.

Remember that you will have to put your name on them or someone is bound to grab it.

IMG_7423On the other side of the dining room, there’s a laundry room. And next to that are the bathrooms.

For some reason, it’s only the female bathroom that needs a key card. So does that mean it’s alright to peek on the guys? *snickers*

I have to apologize for forgetting to snap a few photos of the bathroom but I can assure you that it is one of the cleanest and best looking bathrooms you’ll find in a hostel. They even have rain shower heads! Seems like they spared no expense.

There is a notice board that lets you know of any nearby tourist attractions and how to get around Fremantle.

We also noticed this. Rottnest Day Trip Special with return ferry trip and bike hire for only AUD$74. I spent AUD$109 booking online! So when travelling, make sure you check with your hotel or hostel if they offer any packages or promotions.

And we really do recommend spending a day at Rottnest Island and you can even try to get the ever popular #QuokkaSelfie.

IMG_7790And this is the common area.

IMG_7792 IMG_7791

The moment I saw the hallway to our room, I tried to imagine how creepy I could make it look. The place isn’t actually creepy looking so you don’t have to worry about dark corridors or anything because it’s pretty well lit at night.

The room might seem pretty small, but it’s a decent room with good air ventilation with the original cell windows. Some people might feel a little claustrophobic.

You will also be provided with bed sheets at the reception and a pillow and blanket will already be provided for you on the bed. For a hostel, the bedding and the mattress were actually pretty comfortable.

The door way is quite small and you really need to mind your head if you’re tall. You’ll also get a locker, which you’ll need your own padlock for, a small lamp and two power sockets. No wifi here though. Seems like you can only get it in the common area.

The hostel seemed to have the standard set of rules for an overnight stay. That is, until I saw this: “If you see a ghost please notify reception immediately”. So what happens if I do report a ghost to the receptionist at midnight? I never got to try it but it might have been fun to put on an act. *evil thoughts*


Overall, it was a great stay and the people there were awesome.

What We Loved: Everything was great. Ashley and I especially loved the showers near the dining room. Spick-and-span.

What We Didn’t Love: The twin cell room was pretty small. It’s enough for petite people but if you’re larger than average size, it’s not going to be a comfortable fit.

Fremantle Prison YHA
64 The Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

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