10 Great Ways To Spend A Day In Fremantle

10 great ways to spend a day in fremantle

If you are ever in Perth, why not spend a day or two in Fremantle, otherwise known as Freo? Friends and family have told me that there is nothing to see in Perth, but a little research goes a long way. What most people do not realise is that there is wonder everywhere in the world! Just 25 minutes from Perth’s city centre, visit Fremantle to see some of Western Australia’s oldest buildings and admire the historic port city’s beautifully restored marine streetscape. Hunt down a bargain or find some locally-produced art and craft at the markets and shops. Sample fresh fish and chips at Fishing Boat Harbour or relax on the Cappuccino Strip. Fremantle is a hub for art lovers, with local musicians and street performers out to impress the crowds on weekends.


Fremantle Prison YHA

Experience A Night In Prison

If there’s anywhere that you’re going to stay in Fremantle, it’s got to be Fremantle Prison YHA, a former prison that was converted into a top-notch backpackers hostel.

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You can take a tour of Fremantle Prison, one of Western Australia’s premier tourist attractions and is the only World Heritage listed building in the state. Fremantle Prison now holds the key to history, mystery and fun. Step inside and do time with experienced guides on a fascinating Prison Day Tour. Explore the labyrinth of tunnels 20m beneath the Prison by foot and by boat on a Tunnels Tour adventure. Feeling brave? Delve into the darker side of the Prison’s history on a spooky Torchlight Tour.


Rottnest Island Quokka

Meet the quokkas at Rottnest Island

If there’s one thing you need to do when travelling to Perth, it’s snapping a selfie with the happiest animal in the world, aka, the quokka! Aside from the adorable quokkas, Rottnest Island is famous for its tranquil waters and secluded bays. It’s about a 30 minute ferry ride from Fremantle and is considered a popular holiday destination for the locals. Rediscover life’s simple pleasures as you follow a sandy track, discover intriguing wildlife along the picturesque Wadjemup Walk Trail, snorkel vibrant coral reefs and daring shipwrecks.

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Learn how to play a didgeridoo

An Australian Aboriginal wind instrument, it is in the form of a long wooden tube that is traditionally made from a hollow branch. When blown into, it produces a deep, resonant sound that varies by rhythmic accents of timbre and volume. The friendly people at Didgeridoo Breath are happy to teach you how to play one for FREE… and it’s easy (after some practice).

Didgeridoo Breath Fremantle


Fremantle Markets

Enjoy Fresh Local Produce & Unique Souvenirs

Fremantle Markets is one of the best destinations in Fremantle for both locals and tourists alike. It’s only available on weekends. It has a rich history and you’ll definitely appreciate the heritage architecture. There’s also fresh local produce and organic goods and if you go there on a Sunday an hour before closing time, prices can go as low as a dollar for a bunch of bananas. There are also many shops selling food, clothes, indigenous and handmade products that are great souveniers like aboriginal art. There are also many buskers performing who liven up the place during the weekend.

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Markets
If you love salted popcorn like I do, be sure to get some here. It’s worth it because I am still craving for their salted popcorn. Their popcorn can also last for a really long time. Even after two weeks, it’s still as crunchy and yummy as when I first bought a bag of it. I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I love it anyway.

Fremantle Markets



Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is renowned throughout the world and the emphasis is very much on relaxation…and food. You’ll be spoilt for choice with mouth watering selections of fresh seafood at restaurants like Cicerello’s, Joe’s Fish Shack and Kaili’s Fish Market Cafe and enjoy the stunning views over the harbour. There’s also Little Creatures, a boutique brewery nearby where you can drop by for an ale. I recommend taking a nice stroll along the boardwalks and just enjoying the view.


And if you’re eating there, you might want to watch out for the seagulls. Bunch of little thieving poop machines.


Cicerella's Fish & Chips Fremantle

Have A Taste Of Western Australia’s No.1 Fish ‘N’ Chips

You can enjoy freshly caught seafood right by the water’s edge because it’s at the Fremantle fishing boat harbour. There are Joe’s Fish Shack and Kaili’s Fish Market Cafe, but personally, I actually preferred the Fish ‘n’ Chips at Cicerello’s.



Grab A Beer At Little Creatures

Little Creatures offers an incredible range of tasty amber ales and are an emerging scene all on their own.

IMG_7990 IMG_7991

They also have their own brews with some interesting name.

IMG_8017 IMG_8018 Little Creatures BreweryWe ordered the harissa spiced lamb woodfired pizza with melanzane and feta cheese. Absolutely no regrets. I’m not a fan of alcohol (blame my sweet tooth) but I quite fancied the pipsqueak apple cider.



Enjoy A Coffee And Soak Up The Vibe Along The Famous ‘Cappuccino Strip’

It’s Cappuccino Strip is jam-packed with lively restaurants, the streets are abuzz with shoppers and historical pubs brim with patrons from across the globe.

A strong Italian influence has produced a vast array of pizza and pasta restaurants while Asian, Indian and a whole host of other cuisines can also be found nestled among Fremantle’s winding streets.



You’ll also see lots of wall art or graffiti along the streets and you might be amazed by some of them.

IMG_7905You might also see some funny postcards in their souvenir stores.



Have A Blind Date With A Book

Hidden among the cafes of Cappuccino Strip is a gem that every bookworm will love, Elizabeth’s Secondhand Bookshop, one of Australia’s largest second-hand bookshop operations. The most interesting thing about the bookshop is that they have a small section outside called ‘Blind Date With A Book’. There is a saying that you should never judge a book by its cover and I think that this hits the mark. The books are wrapped in brown paper and tied with jute twine – like a gift. There’s also a tag attached to the twine with a little ladybird on it. To intrigue your interest, there are descriptive words and short phrases to let you know what the story is about. It is a bit of a gamble since you cannot read the summary but if you truly do not like the book or if you have read it before, you can exchange the book for another as long as you keep the genuine receipt. 




Have A Relaxing Picnic At Esplanade Park

The park is a wide area with extremely tall trees and is a popular place for picnics and pleasant walks. There are picnic and barbacue facilities, public toilets, a playground, a skatepark, and a ferries wheel.



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