Travel Around The World With Canon EOS M10 and Rilakkuma

OMG! I can’t believe this! Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has officially launched the new Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma bundle, which brings you the lightest camera in the compact series and the ever popular Rilakkuma to bring Nui-Dori or more commonly known as ToyTravel to every fun loving social media user and photographer out there and make their next travel adventure a more memorable one.


Sandy Lee, Senior Marketing Manager for Consumer Imaging and Information Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, and Grace Cheong, Senior Marketing Executive, Canon Singapore.

The EOS M10 is the newest addition to Canon’s EOS M range of high performance mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. Equipped with an 18.0megapixel APS-C sensor and fast Hybrid CMOS AF II system, users can now capture excellent quality photos of spontaneous moments.

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If you’re into snapping selfies, this is the perfect camera for you. It has an LCD monitor that tilts 180 degrees upwards which makes it easier to take selfies. The Self Portrait mode features a one-touch beautification shortcut that offers a skin smoothing effect. It’s Wi-Fi feature also allows seamless sharing on multiple social media platforms.

The camera feels slightly heavy but you can still hold it comfortably in one hand for selfies. The size is perfect for travelling and I wouldn’t have to lug my bulky DSLR around which can be annoying and inconvenient at times. The autofocus is fast, so if there’s something you want to take a picture of really quickly, this will do the job.


If you’re a huge fan of Rilakkuma like myself, you can try your luck by joining the Canon #ToyTravel Photo Challenge. You might just get Rilakkuma as your next travelling companion. All you need to do is take pictures according to the different contest themes each month starting from June till August. The winner of each theme stands to win an EOS M10 kit (EF-M15-45mm) along with a 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy!

To join, simply:

  1. Follow @CanonAsia on Instagram or Canon Imaging Asia on Facebook, and
  2. Take a picture according to the theme using your favourite toy with the hashtags #EOSM10Rilakkuma and #toytravel, post them on your Facebook / Instagram profiles.
  3. Remember to set your profile / post to public.
  4. There will be a total of three themes for this contest and you will have one month to capture the perfect ToyTravel photo for each theme.

You can find out more about the contest here.

What is ToyTravel? It is the art of photography where toys imitate life. Inject creativity and fun into your everyday adventures with a preferred animated object – from a figurine in a bowl of cereal, to a stuffed toy strapped into an airplane seat.

Did you watch the video? Did you?! DID YOU?!! Isn’t Rilakkuma just adorable? I want a companion like that too.

The EOS M10 kit (with EF-M15-45mm) is priced at RM1,999. But if you’re a Rilakkuma fan, you can consider the special edition EOS M10 box set, bundled with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy, priced at RM2,049.
IMG_3448 Rilakkuma is soooooo cute!!  ♡(ŐωŐ人)  I wish I could kidnap the mascot and that giant plushie! My friends and family all know that I love Rilakkuma and I do need a new camera so.. *hint hint*

Either way, I have already joined the Canon #ToyTravel photo challenge so I have my fingers crossed in hopes that I will win the camera and the adorable plushie.

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  1. wARGH!! Rilakkuma is JUST TOO CUTE TO HANDLE! I WANT IT! :d

    1. You should join the contest with me too!

  2. All the best dear!!! I want my own rilakkuma too!!! Actually if i can get the costume will be even better…hahahhahahah

    1. I know right?! I would love to have a rilakkuma onesie. ♡(ŐωŐ人)

  3. Hey! nice to see you there that day. The event was fun and I really could not let go of the big sized Rilakkuma. Hope to see you again, soon.

    1. It was great seeing you too! Hope we can meet again at another event. =)

  4. I am so sad I did not attend and thus ruining my chance of having this adorable rilakkuma bear… he is just so cute….

  5. Ohh wow.. that’s a huge bear you got there! I might join in as well, though i don’t know WHETHER its too late

  6. Rilakkuma is very cute! especially the big one – very cuddly!

  7. My rilakumma!!! My bear!!!! Really really cute!!!!

  8. Hi Hi kawaii rilakkuma! he looks so cute~ Wait is a he or she? XD

    1. Rilakkuma is a boy. I believe that Korilakkuma, the white one, is a girl.

  9. I’m joining the contest too since i always travel along with my toy companion! I’ve got a lot of pictures to share. heeehee ;D

  10. im sure everyone just cant resist the cuteness of rilakkuma!! 😀 i wanna take tonnes of pictures with it too

  11. Too bad that I couldn’t join the event 🙁 The rilakkuma plush toy look so cute!

  12. Yoke Ching Mah says: Reply

    I love Canon! I just got a canon g5x at this February and it worked awesome for me.

  13. I love rilakkuma! I wish to travel with that cool camera too.

  14. Rilakumma is a cutie and canon is One of the best!!! Together they rock.

  15. Sounds like a fun contest to join! will definitely check it out!

  16. The camera function is good and I still consider whether to buy or not EOS M10. Hope I can win for it by joining the contest challenge.

  17. so cute the contest and i love the concept. would love to let it become my travelling companion for sure

  18. omg so cute!!! Love the whole theme and that camera.

  19. nice to know many bloggers there. fUN EVENT AND LOVE THIS TOY TRAVEL SO MUCH.

  20. Thanks for sharing. I am Canon user as well. Will check out the new EOS M 10 next time when visiting camera shop.

  21. There’s a contest too! Interesting!
    I’ve never used Canon before but wouldn’t mind trying this one out.

  22. the bear is too cute, this is the perfect time to get the camera with the free bear and join all the contests too

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