M Boutique Ipoh – An Urban Vintage Boutique Hotel

M Boutique, Ipoh

In the small town of Ipoh, there is a place with exquisite vintage interior that is worthy of Instagram, a bed that is short of heavenly, and everything else that will trigger your inner kleptomania.

This post is not one of our latest adventures but a throwback post that’s long past due. I think this was about a year ago but I’d like to document this as a memory.

I vaguely remember that it was a Friday, at the end 2014. I needed to go to work so our plan was for Amanda to meet me at my office and we would drive to Ipoh right after work. This was to save the hour-long traffic jam that I needed to endure (everyday) in order to go home, fetch Amanda then start our journey. But alas, both of us needed to drive back to Amanda’s house anyway (an hour of traffic jam, of course) because she forgot the booking / redemption letter for our stay! I also recalled we ate McD’s in the car while stuck in traffic on our way to Ipoh. We had no idea why but the traffic was quite bad on the way to Ipoh. Anyhow, we reached Ipoh safely at around 11.30pm.

We found the hotel (thanks to Waze) and the funniest thing happened. We were in front of the hotel but we couldn’t find the entrance! We probably looked dumb, walking around looking for the entrance but you can’t really blame us. There’s this dip-in space with glass panels that looked nothing like a door. They looked very much like, well, glass panels.

So at long last, we found our way in and proceeded to check-in. We went straight to our room because we were dead tired, leaving the exploration of the hotel for the next day.

But of course, we just had to snap a few pictures of the room before we messed it up, didn’t we?

M Boutique, Ipoh M Boutique, Ipoh M Boutique, Ipoh

Breakfast was provided for guests. The concept was unique because you can choose where you want to dine. They have two restaurants / cafes attached to the hotel itself. One was Oldtown White Coffee Grand and the other was Myth Eatery & Bar. Oldtown was as per usual but the portion and ingredients served were better than the normal ones you get. As for Myth, it’s western dining.

Myth Eatery & Bar, M Boutique, Ipoh Myth Eatery & Bar, M Boutique, Ipoh

Now, we take a look around the hotel. It’s a unique concept, really. Each floor had a different theme. We stayed on Level 1, themed ‘The Adventure’. You’ll notice many animal paintings and wall murals once you step out of the elevator. It’s basically like walking into a safari.

M Boutique, Ipoh M Boutique, Ipoh Living Room Entrance, M Boutique, Ipoh Living Room, M Boutique, Ipoh

We didn’t get to explore other levels but according to their website, Level 2 and 3 were themed The Majestic and The Excelsior. Seeing the pictures in the website, I’m just so glad that we weren’t assigned to Level 3 because it’s basically a walk into the bugs’ kingdom. I don’t think I can survive a minute on that level.

M Boutique, Ipoh Lobby, M Boutique, Ipoh Lobby, Candles, M Boutique, Ipoh Lobby, Couch, M Boutique, Ipoh

The lobby was also very nicely decorated. It was very festive as we went there somewhere around Christmas.

M Shop, M Boutique, Ipoh M Shop, M Boutique, Ipoh

They also have their own shop, M Shop, situated right beside the main entrance. They sell clothes, interior decors and most importantly, their shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Those are the best hotel shampoo and body wash I’ve ever used. I was in love with them to the point of obsession. You can get it in their shop but it’s also provided in the room. (Those were the first things I packed when we’re leaving!)

I also took the soap bar too. When I tried to take their indoor slippers, Amanda was giving me this weird look so I had to put it back. Though I ended up accidentally leaving MY pair of slippers in the room and had to retrieve it after we checked out.

And did I mention that their mattress and pillows are just short of heavenly? They were so comfy and fluffy that we did not want to leave the bed! We even tried undressing the pillow to see which brand it was but luck was not on our side. The pillows were branded “M Boutique” and so I guessed they were custom-made. Sad case. I could’ve bought tonnes of them for my bed.

All in all, we were very happy with our stay there and you certainly need to try it for yourself if you’re dropping by Ipoh. The hotel, with its exquisite interior, is very photogenic and Instagram-my. We saw at least two to three couples doing their pre-wedding photo shoot there during our stay. Also, they have a 24-hour gym for those who want to burn some calories after enjoying all the delicacies in Ipoh. Ah, I almost forgot, FREE WiFi peeps!

What We Loved: We definitely fell in love with their pillows, shampoo and classy vintage interior decorating.

What We Didn’t Love: We had a flooding shower problem in the room that we were assigned to. The water did not drain quickly enough thus creating a little makeshift pool halfway through your shower. I had to shut the water because it was overflowing while sporting a head full of shampoo foam.

M Boutique Hotel Ipoh
2 Hala Datuk 5
31650 Ipoh, Perak
24 Hour General Line : +6 05 255 5566
Website | Facebook | Twitter



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