Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokemon Cafe in Singapore!

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Pokemon fans will want to head over to Singapore to dine at the Pokemon pop-up cafe. For a limited period (from 27th May – 31st July 2016), EwF has been transformed into a Pokemon Cafe!

The cafe features the popular Pokemon character, Pikachu, which inspired most of the cafe’s menu items.


Yes, you can actually bring home these place mats if you want to.


The coasters that come along with your drinks are cute too! They are available in 5 designs. And I caught ’em all! ☚(゚ヮ゚☚)

IMG_6078 IMG_4048There’s even a photo booth near the entrance of the cafe. They have Pikachu-eared headbands and a Pikachu hoodie for you to snap photos with. Couldn’t resist! Although now I wonder how many people have put it on and if it has been washed during the past 2 months. (*〇□〇)……! 

IMG_4313IMG_4314I really like the Pikachu ears but too bad they don’t have any for sale. And moving on to the main reason for this visit, the food!

IMG_6059IMG_4024Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce (SGD$25.00)

Everyone’s favourite rice omelette! The big Pikachu face is made of saffron rice, with ears made of egg omelette. Served with Primal Groudon’s magma sauce. You’ll also get a new Pokeball mug when you order this meal.

I heard the Pokeball mugs were sold out back in June, but luckily, they restocked it the day I visited. Lucky! This dish basically reminded me of Biryani, with ketchup. But hey, Pikachu loves ketchup. I’m not quite sure what the magma sauce actually is, but it was super pink.

    IMG_4018Battle on Pikachu! Level up with Rare Candy! (SGD$20.00)

Beef patty and mashed potatoes covered with crepe. Kawaii Pikachu with ears made of monaka. You will find vegetables in the shape of a Pokeball in the salad. The Rare Candy in the blue candy wrapper turned out to be…. chocolate. Doesn’t seem that rare, does it?

IMG_4029Special Move “Fire Blast”! Primal Groudon’s Bolognese (SGD$20.00)

The Pokeball is surrounded by Primal Groudon’s magma. There’s an image of Pikachu toasted onto the top of the bun. Can Pikachu escape from Primal Groudon’s “Fire Blast” safely? Of course!

IMG_4088Let’s get together at Pokemon Cafe! Pokemon cafe’s truffle fries. (SGD$12.00)

Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip are gathering on french fries!

IMG_4090But hmmm, where is Pikachu? Let’s find it!
IMG_4136There it is! Although… it looks sort of creepy when you can’t see it properly. Σ(°□°)⊃

Feeling thirsty? Here are the drinks!

IMG_4022Pikachu Latte (Hot SGD$8.00 / Iced SGD$9.00)

Kawaii Pikachu on both hot and iced latte! The hot latte is served with a biscuit shaped like Pikachu’s tail!

IMG_6053Just look at that face. This is the cutest one of the bunch.

IMG_4096Wanna get tingling!? “Volt Tackle” Soda (SGD$10.00)

Pikachu’s move “Volt Tackle” is represented as a passion fruit soda with mango sherbet! They have these pop rocks you can put in to give you that tingling and “feel” the Volt Tackle. Personally, I didn’t really feel anything, even after just putting the pop rock straight into my mouth.

 IMG_4115Pokemon cafe’s Soda Pop (SGD$11.00)

Inspired by Pokemon’s “Soda Pop”. The drink comes with an original Pokemon Cafe bottle that you can take home.


Pokemon cafe’s Mix au Lait (SGD$8.00)

Inspired by Pokemon’s “Lemonade”, heal your HP with a sweet Mix au Lait!

Moving on to the desserts!

   IMG_4094Pikachu’s Sweeeeet Pancake (SGD$20.00)

Pikachu comes alive! Pikachu’s face on a pancake with ears made of monaka. Can someone make this for me every morning? Spend some sweet time with Pikachu by pouring some maple syrup from the mug. This dish also gives you a new Pokeball mug to bring home with you.

IMG_4134Special Move “Hydro Pump”! Primal Kyogre’s Dessert Plate (SGD$15.00)

Here comes Primal Kyogre on the plate! The special move “Hydro Pump” is represented with jelly and candy, served with a Pokeball made with white chocolate and custard cream.

Honestly, I think that this was the most disappointing looking dish. ()

IMG_4114Pikachu’s “Thunder Shock” Parfait (SGD$15.00)

Kawaii Pikachu inside a fluffy and crackling cotton candy ball! The Pikachu in the center of the parfait is sponge cake. I had a hard time eating it because it was just too cute!

IMG_4138Pokeball Cream Puff! (SGD$20.00)

Why do you think Pikachu doesn’t like to stay in a Pokeball? I’m not really sure what the Pikachu head is made of but it sort of tasted weird to me, but I did eat the creampuff underneath. There’s a choco pen where you can write something on the crepe. I wasn’t sure what to write, but one of my friends told me to write down the name of the blog. And so I did, badly, because the chocolate wouldn’t come out right.


That’s pretty much it for the menu items. There’s also the Take-away menu where you can get a Pokeball Cream-puff (SGD$5.90 each or SGD$20.90 for a box of 4) and a D.I.Y Pikachu Cheese cake kit (SGD$36.00). The cheese cake kit comes with a soft velvety cheesecake made with a blend of handmade vanilla custard, mascarpone cheese and top-grade cream cheese. As well as a Pikachu stencil for an added DIY experience. I personally don’t think it’s worth the money though.

IMG_4033The kitchen staff at work, busy preparing our adorable meals.

IMG_4091Look at the ears and tails on the staff! So cute! The cafe kept playing short snippets of Pokemon themes from the game and I have to wonder if the staff there are tired of it.

Even Rilakkuma got to cosplay as Pikachu! Sort of.
IMG_4123IMG_4053There are loads of original goods that were made specially for the cafe and sold exclusively there along with other official Pokemon products. So many of the ones I saw on their Facebook page were already sold out. I couldn’t get the Pikachu phone casing with the adorable tail! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 I’ve got to find a way to get to the Pokemon Center in Japan. ((‸↼))

There were still lots of other stuff to choose from, but the prices made me hesitate. o(╥╥)o

IMG_4052IMG_4056IMG_4057IMG_4059 IMG_4060IMG_4051IMG_4050IMG_4061If you have a 3DS/3DS XL/2DS and the Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, you can get a Pokemon cafe original Pikachu from a code on the card. Be sure to ask the friendly cashier for it!


Check out my video down below! It’s my first video compilation and some parts are out of focus, but at least you can still see what’s important. ehehe…


I had lots of fun and was really excited about the Pokemon styled food. Was it worth the trip to Singapore? Yes. Maybe. The food was… meh… and it was seriously overpriced. But I was still glad to have seen them with my own eyes.

You can find out more about the Pokemon Cafe in Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.

Where is it : 200 Victoria Street, #04-05, Bugis Junction 188021 (Bugis MRT)

Business Hours : 11am – 9.30pm (27th May 2016 – 31st July 2016)

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