Test Your Knowledge at the Pokémon Research Exhibition in Singapore

Pokemon Research Exhibition

To be the very best, you need to know all there is about Pokémon. The Pokémon Research Exhibition opened on 22nd October 2016 at Resort World Sentosa’s S.E.A. Aquarium, a first outside of Japan. Your mission as a “One Day Researcher” is to identify the Pokémon in your Poké ball (or Great ball / Ultra ball of your choice) by analyzing its different characteristics and features. Each Pokéball represents a different difficulty level (Pokéball – Regular Course, Great Ball – Difficult Course, and Ultra Ball – Extra Difficult Course) and you are given an observation notebook to help you jot down the characteristics and/or features of the Pokémon in your ball.

After the Pokémon Cafe in Singapore, I was really excited about another Pokémon related event and I could not wait to drop by and have a look. I had already made plans to visit Singapore and the timing was perfect. I went with two other friends and we each got a different ball. Obviously, I chose the Ultra ball.

img_0166img_0164 img_0179 img_0177 img_0173

This Pokéball is huge! I wonder which Pokémon is in this one. A Wailord maybe? Can I have Lugia?

There are eight different Observation Machines to assist you in your challenge: the Footprint Collector, Silhouette Shooter, Outline Shooter, Facial Enlarge, Height Gauge, Weight Gauge, Appearance Analyzer and the Cry Gauge. Once you have chosen a ball, set it on the Observation Machine you think will help you in your research. You can only use four out of the eight machines, so you have to choose wisely. Each machine has an interactive element to it. The Outline Shooter, for example, requires you to stomp on the platform as quickly as possible in order to reveal the outline of the Pokémon. I had enough exercise for the day after that stunt. OMG. orz

img_0210img_0185img_0186img_0182 img_0180img_0181 img_0183 img_0209


Who’s that Pokémon?! I sort of got an inkling of which Pokemon it was but you can’t be too careful.

Well this just confirmed everything I needed to know. What other Pokémon has yellow circles on it cheeks? Well, there is one other but the shadow from the Appearance Analyzer just didn’t point to Pachirisu.

emolga-resultsAnd what is in my Ultra Ball? An Emolga! It’s an electric-type Pokemon just like Pikachu except that it can fly and Pikachu still looks so much cuter!

I sort of wondered why they did not have a machine to reveal the ‘Type’ of the Pokemon. Is that not what Pokémon scientists and professors try to study? Would have been much more easier to determine what Pokémon were in the balls. Although, maybe that would have been too easy and something only real Pokémon fans will know.



There is even a big blow up Pikachu!! I wanted to take him home so badly.

img_0251 img_0247Ashley couldn’t resist hugging the tail. And I just realised after looking at this photo that the colour scheme of her clothes matches an Emolga. ROFL. Well, except for the shoes.


There is also a Pokédex wall with all the discovered Pokémon so far. I believe there are currently around 721 discovered Pokemon and the new upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games will add another 80 or so newly discovered Pokémon and evolutions to the Pokédex. I cannot wait for the games to come out!

img_0215 img_0214 img_0213


Hi, Pikachu!!  (^▽^)/


Ashley’s Poké Ball turned out to contain a Totodile. Isn’t it adorable?


And with his tendency to bite things…. you can guess what happened later. You’d understand if you watched the anime!

img_0206I also got to meet Professor Pikachu!! He looks so cute in his lab coat. And I love the adorable way his ears move when he walks. Pikachu will appear daily at 11:30am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm so you can’t miss him.

img_0256Sadly, we can’t keep the balls we were given. With all the Poké Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls being returned to this guy, I felt like he was secretly Team Rocket in disguise.

You want to challenge me to a Pokémon battle? Let’s see how you fair against my Giratina!


The Pokémon Research Exhibition will be S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa from 22nd October 2016 – 2nd January 2017, 10am – 7pm daily. Do not that a S.E.A. Aquarium admission ticket to purchase IS REQUIRED. The price for the combined ticket is S$35 for adult / S$23 for child / S$23 for senior under the Online Exclusive Promotion.


For more information, visit the RWS Pokémon Research Exhibition website.

I know that there are some other Pokémon events happening in Singapore soon like the Pokémon Run, the return of the Pokémon Cafe and something special coming to Changi Airport. Take my money Singapore!

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  1. I am a pokemon fans too, I wish to visit this place, thanks for sharing the great information

  2. pikachu is so cute! singapore really know how to set up the latest trendy things for people to visit.

  3. looks so interesting! so much to take pics with but too bad I am not gonna visit SG any time soon.. :/

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    1. Me too! It seems that Singapore always has the good stuff.

  8. Wow, this is cool and I want to and meet Pikachu.

  9. I do play Pokemon GO but am not a great fan and neither am I addicted to the game. However, I would love to check this out but why is SGD so strong against MYR???

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  12. I have never played this.
    Looks like it is going a big way! Great pics from the event.

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  16. Everyone is crazy about Pokemon. Wish they have this in Malaysia.

    1. Hi Melissa! The Pokemon cafe is now in AEON Mid Valley in case you didn’t know yet. =D

  17. Cheers to the share dear – this looks like an awesome place to visit-especially for Pokemon fans 🙂 Will give this one a go ^^

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