Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

With its trademark brown beret, this little golden retriever has stolen the hearts of many. Fans of the lovable Sanrio character would not want to miss a trip to this themed cafe.

I travelled to Singapore twice last year and both times I just had to eat at the Pompompurin Cafe Singapore which is located in Orchard Central. The cafe officially opened in April of last year (shortly after the opening of the Hello Kitty Garden Cafe at Changi airport) and I dropped by in July and October, so I did not have to suffer by queuing up in super long lines with the crowd. I love Pompompurin and I was really excited that my friends in Singapore decided to have some dessert here. There are even Pompompurin plushies at almost every table for you to cuddle! Everything about this cafe is adorable, from the decor, the food, to the merchandise available. I love how you can instantly tell that the food was designed with Pompompurin in mind. The food actually taste pretty good which is very different from what I had at the Pokemon Cafe. And if you haven’t heard, the Pokemon Cafe is back again for a second round with a brand new menu!

There will be a few photos showing how the cafe would normally look like and when they redecorated the cafe with a Halloween theme. The design is extremely adorable and I couldn’t help but try to snap photos of everything. From entrance, to the furniture and decorative items.

The Decor


 img_4255 img_4257img_4256   img_4190

There are lots of Pompompurin merchandise you can purchase and they are super cute! I really wanted to get one of the t-shirts and then I got distracted by a onesie! The material felt so nice and comfy but there was no way that I could wear that in such warm weather and survive.



I like how they threw on some Halloween costumes on these. They’ll probably throw on a Santa Claus hat for Christmas. Simple, but it does put you in the mood for the special occasions. Maybe they’ll even dress them up like cupids for Valentine’s Day!


A butt-hole! That chair has a butt-hole on it! That is just cuteness overload!


These sofa benches are to die for! I would really love to have this at home. It just makes me feel so happy looking at it.

img_4254img_0361 img_0362


The place mats and coasters were so cute. Nice to know that they actually change them too for special events.

What to expect from the food

img_4243Pompompurin’s Chocolate Lava Parfait ( SGD$21.99)
A decadent parfait with fruits, macaroon and a warm lava cake that oozes out molten chocolate.

The molten chocolate was really good. Accompanied by lots of whipped cream and strawberry slices, it was my favourite dessert.

img_4213Butt.. It’s Iced Chocolate (SGD$13.99)
Whoopsie! Purin has fallen in while slurping up his favourite ice chocolate drink with banana puree!

Again with the butt-hole! I think the Japanese have some obsession with butt-holes on animal cartoon characters and I can see the appeal. For some reason it’s just cute. This drink was great. Lots of chocolate with a hint of banana.

img_4236 img_4237Bagel’s Special Pancake Tower (SGD$21.99)
A special pancake baked by Bagel, who is an expert cook. A decadent dessert with five layers of pancakes filled with various sauces such as caramel, chocolate, custard and more!

It’s basically pancakes but it does serve as a nice breakfast, although a tad bit too expensive I think. But hey, you can to keep that Pompompurin mini mug in that picture (not that one exactly because the staff will give you a new and clean one to bring home with you. Maybe that’s why it’s priced like that.

img_0383Pompompurin’s Mushroom Stroganoff (SGD$17.99)
A slow-cooked mushroom stroganoff with a deep flavour! This cute dish will satisfy your heart and belly at 120%.

This was so cute that I didn’t know how to eat it. How do you break apart a Pompompurin looking rice ball?! The stroganoff hit the spot for me.

img_0378 img_0379Cookies & Cream Caramel Latte (SGD$11.99)
A caramel latte decorated with a Pompompurin cookie. Indulge in the heavenly taste of so much cream!

Look at that cookie! Look at it! So cute! I had a hard time trying to eat it without feeling guilty of destroying such an adorable little cookie. The drink to me was more milky that I would have liked it to be and I felt like maybe it sort of tasted like melted cookies and cream ice cream without the cookies. It wasn’t bad though, just a little too milky for my taste.

img_0380 img_0381Fruit Garden Mango Juice (SGD$11.99)
A stylish mocktail of mango juice and fruits! Goes perfectly with cream and marshmallow.

The marshmallow had “Macaroon” (yes, that’s her name) on it. How can you not find that adorable? Again, a hard time trying to eat something so cute.


Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship (SGD$19.99)
Best eaten by lowering Purin and Muffin onto the meat and veggies, then mixing it all in together!

This was the most adorable meal ever. Pompompurin in a cup with his little friend on top, three little clovers on top. Honestly, this was the best dish for it. Everything matched so well together that I wanted more when we were done. it’s that good. Kudos to the chef!


Sun & Fun Hamburg Rice (SGD16.99)
Purin’s hat is made of a beef hamburg and a cute shitake mushroom. Don’t forget the sunny golden egg as well.

The sauce on the hamburg was delicious, but there wasn’t much sauce or gravy to mix with the rice so it sort of felt like eating plain rice. Really loved the sauce, just wish I could have had more of it.

img_0404Pompompurin’s Banana & Caramel Pancake (SGD$16.99)
Pancakes with chunky banana slices, caramel and cream. Savour this dessert with bananas and cream in every bite!

How do you even begin to it this?! You need to slice Pompompurin’s face in half! And again, this is just pancakes but then again, who doesn’t love pancakes? Especially when you have banana slices, caramel sauce and lots and lots of cream. Yummy!

Overall, the food was actually very decent, just slightly overpriced mostly because it’s a themed restaurant, which I’m still okay with because the food was good. I can see lots of girlfriends dragging their boyfriends here and parents bringing their children here once in a while.

The Pompompurin Cafe will have event exclusive menu items that will only be available for a certain period, so be sure to try those because I know I will.

You can find out more about the Pompompurin Cafe in Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.

Where is it : 181 Orchard Road #04-08, Orchard Central, Singapore (Somerset MRT)

Business Hours : 11am – 10.30pm

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