RiutBag: The Backwards Backpack To Keep Thieving Hands Off Our Backs

Do you always feel paranoid that someone might be picking your backpack behind your back? Are you always extending your hands back to touch the exterior pockets to confirm they’re zipped? Well, dear fellow paranoids, our savior is here! Presenting you RiutBag (pronounced riot-bag) and it’s a second version?! Already?!

It’s simple. Really. If you’re afraid that someone is going to open your backpack zip and start snooping around, turn it backwards so that the zip is against your back and nasty fellows can’t open your backpack unless they touch you (remember, if it does happen, shout as loud as you can and be as dramatic as you can to scare off potential muggers).

Remember those roll-eye moments where you need to unsaddle yourself – of your backpack, of course; you’re not a horse – to get your passport or your wallet that was buried somewhere deep in your backpack? Fear no more. There is a hidden pocket on each strap for you to keep some money or other small things that you need easy access to.

RiutBag R15 GreyConvenient, no?

It comes in two sizes (10L / 15L) and two colors (grey / black) to choose from. RiutBag is currently still running its crowd-funding campaign via Kickstarter and the response is overwhelming. With another 15 days to go till the funding ends, it has already surpassed its fund target by £35,000.

Pledge early if you want to get your hands of one of these. Yes, I’m talking to you, fellow paranoids!

I think this bag is a no-brainer. Don’t get me wrong, this bag is amazing. I mean it; such an easy solution to all those paranoid moments, stuff being stolen behind our backs and yet, no one thought of switching it other way round until Sarah Giblin, the creator of RiutBag. And when I discovered this backpack, it instantaneously rendered all other backpacks moot. I guess we would never know we need it until we see it. Kudos to Sarah Giblin!

Image: Kickstarter


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